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2017 vs 2014

Had to revisit one of my old work yesterday for an art submission. was really shocked when I saw what I did in 2014, really felt like a WIP instead of a finished artwork. so had to retouched it with my 2017 skills. Well, I […]

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Signal (K-Drama)

Signal is the best Korean Drama you did not watch. Its a cop/detective thriller looking into solving cold cases (unsolved cases more than 10 -20 years). Don’t want to give away too much, but I have created a poster just to get you all interested […]

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quick study in dramatic light

Just a quick practice into using dramatic lighting. I decided to keep this loose due to time constraints. I do realize there are some apparent mistakes but at this point I am too lazy to correct it. as I get better, my aim is to […]

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Rae in Ink

Sorry been a while since I have posted anything here. I have dedicated this year to more practicing and less of finishing works, so do bear with me. Revisiting other techniques this time around. Basically starting with grey scale and then adding colours on top […]

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John Wick 2 Movie Poster

Doing a quick study on double exposure and decided to do a John Wick 2 poster. surprisingly enough, this was done with oil brushes instead of my default 19 point marker brush. The background was prepped with  watercolour splatters just to set the colour mode […]

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4 colour portraits

So sorry, been neglecting my blog updates. I am absolutely overwhelm with work and family responsibilities these days. Anyhow, this is a quick study into some new brushes and a new method of painting I did a while back. I am not too sure if […]

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Who would watch this movie? Setting : not so distant future Tokyo, Movie Synopsis: Maverick detective investigates a standard homicide only to find out the suspect is a pleasure/hooker bot whose AI  became self aware. Inherently innocent and good, the AI tries to survive in […]

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Karl Drogo Pencil Sketch

If I ever need a champion to fight in my trail by combat, get me this guy! Also money down on this guy to beat the Mountain! Trying out new things this time around, going back to some of my traditional art roots and decided […]

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Zetaori Warrior

Latest commission done for a client, this time around it was an interesting and challenging one: I had to paint live for a time lapse video for a product demo. (which I will share once its out) and due to the lighting conditions I had […]

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Rape Awareness

First off I must say I have tried my best,and I am not sure if the message here is clear but if the message is lost then just take it as another fantasy pin up piece. LOL. Ok, the message here is this : It […]

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