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Signal (K-Drama)

Signal is the best Korean Drama you did not watch. Its a cop/detective thriller looking into solving cold cases (unsolved cases more than 10 -20 years). Don’t want to give away too much, but I have created a poster just to get you all interested […]

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Karl Drogo Pencil Sketch

If I ever need a champion to fight in my trail by combat, get me this guy! Also money down on this guy to beat the Mountain! Trying out new things this time around, going back to some of my traditional art roots and decided […]

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Zetaori Warrior

Latest commission done for a client, this time around it was an interesting and challenging one: I had to paint live for a time lapse video for a product demo. (which I will share once its out) and due to the lighting conditions I had […]

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War for the Planet of the Apes

A concept art for planet of the apes. This scene shows a  pivotal moment, Caesar finally loses his compassion for humans and takes down a human building using a beacon staff to rain down mayhem from a satellite weapon. The humans have always underestimated the […]

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The Spider Demon

Sticking to the same theme as my last piece, another yaoguai, called the Zhi Zu Jing (Spider Demon), as the name suggest the demon’s true form is actually a spider and it takes on human form and uses seduction as one of their main method […]

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Black Widow: Russia

Since a Russian Black Widow was still itching at the back of my mind,  and instead of just changing the background, I had no choice but to see this through in a totally new separate piece.  So here is the proper version of Black Widow […]

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Black Widow: US

I usually don’t paint so much, but with exams coming the more stressed I get the more i paint. Anyhow, this is my first time experimenting with a square shaped canvas. trying to do more of a pop piece. Really cannot decide on 2 versions […]

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Goodbye Goblin King!

I started this piece as soon as I heard that the goblin king has left our realm and decided to go back to his labyrinth castle for good. Although its sad news but the many years while he was here, he has gifted us with […]

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Mara & Admiral Thrawn

I loved the new star wars movie, but in my opinion would be better if they included both these kick ass characters:  Mara Jade and Admiral Thrawn. I don’t think they ever fought along side together, but this is just an illustration which I enjoyed […]

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Zombie Heroes

This zombie theme artwork was suppose to done by Halloween but i took a bit too long. This time around I am trying to integrate a few more characters into my artwork, learning the compositions, painting less details to get the idea across, and experimenting […]

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Bedtime Girl

Decided to take a break from my other projects and do something I am used to, back to airbrush and the no 19 marker pen. been reflecting a lot on during the painting of this piece. I either need to improve on my sketching to […]

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portrait practice

I’m facing exams and when I’m stressed I paint. well this piece was churned out due to study stress. just another practice piece. but I did experiment with a new skin brush and experimented with the freckles. Trying to add a few new moves into […]

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