1/60 scale Joyride Mechwarrior Timber Wolf / Madcat

Digital painting, Mecha, mechwarrior, Scale model

This is a discontinued Joyride Mechwarrior Timberwolf/Madcat which I have totally repainted along with a modified cockpit. This would be my second modification for this particular model and obvoiusly much better the second time around. Color scheme is to match my cougar. Click to see more pictures.

link to my first joyride modification:


link to the cougar:



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2 thoughts on “1/60 scale Joyride Mechwarrior Timber Wolf / Madcat”

  1. This is an awesome looking build, Adrian! How did you get the cockpit hollowed out like that for the new pilot? I built one of these Joyride ones and the cockpit was this fiddly plastic with a too-small micro-machine sized pilot for me.


    • Adrian Tan says:

      Hi Samuel, thanks for dropping by. ok first there are 3 screws on the back of the mad cat u need to unscrew, it will basically split the chassis in half. look in the front part you will realise that the cock pit area is snap fitted to the body, release the hooks and the cockpit will split once again in halfs (top and bottom) this gives you access to the pilot area for modification. hope this helps!


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