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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, oil painting, portrait

Who would watch this movie? Setting : not so distant future Tokyo, Movie Synopsis: Maverick detective investigates a standard homicide only to find out the suspect is a pleasure/hooker bot whose AI  became self aware. Inherently innocent and good, the AI tries to survive in the world of humans, but finds it increasingly challenging due to the manipulative and selfish nature of humans who tries to take advantage of her….Is violence and vengeance the answer to surviving this human world? Is there any good left in the human world? As the new dominant species, must the AI usher in the next step of evolution? can the maverick detective reach her in time? how will he stop her? will he use violence? will he show the AI the good of humans? time is running out.

Posting a lot this month as I happen to be on a streak. This time around a mock movie poster. Thanks to all the movie title contributors!! In the end I must say my mate Caleb Loh’s suggestion for Geisha Genysis works the best with the font and I absolutely think it is perfect!

takeshi cop movie

And also the one without text

geisha genysis no text


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