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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, Photo manipulation, portrait

Latest commission done for a client, this time around it was an interesting and challenging one: I had to paint live for a time lapse video for a product demo. (which I will share once its out) and due to the lighting conditions I had to start with a dark background, as my normal white background is too strong and will over expose the video and make everything around it dark. which means I could not sketch my usual black over white. So I started to sketch light over dark and just could not visualize it in negative space so I decided to just wing it and used the power of photoshop to transform and adjust mistakes as I went along. I hope they edit out the parts where I was struggling. Haha anyway this took about 2 sittings for about 8-10 hours.

I also realized that the colors I used seemed to be stronger, which I think is attributed to the different display settings from monitor to monitor. Hope you all enjoy it!


zetaori 001

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