War for the Planet of the Apes

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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, Photo manipulation

A concept art for planet of the apes. This scene shows a  pivotal moment, Caesar finally loses his compassion for humans and takes down a human building using a beacon staff to rain down mayhem from a satellite weapon. The humans have always underestimated the apes, and when they realise that the apes have familiarize themselves  with technology, and also posses a doomsday device it is basically too late. Caesar is spotting some armor, which is covering his heart to prevent further assassination attempts (like in the previous episode) and has and wrist computer which he uses together with the beacon staff.

This piece almost did not make it to the finish line and I had to revive it back from the WIP folder. For every finished artwork that you see, do know that there are tonnes more that are either dead in its tracks from lack of progress/interest, or just plain ruined which is just waiting for a redo. There is a saying, judge an artist not by his best work, but by his worse work. and how do you improve your worst work? keep practicing!


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