Rape Awareness

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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, portrait

First off I must say I have tried my best,and I am not sure if the message here is clear but if the message is lost then just take it as another fantasy pin up piece. LOL. Ok, the message here is this : It is never OK to blame women’s clothing for rape, and whatever a women/girl wears no matter how sexy or provocative is not an incitement for rape nor is she asking for it.

This has always been a point of debate, but I strongly believe that the decision and intent to rape or sexually assault someone always originates from the perpetrator.The mental act is often internalised before the physical act is executed. So I find it ridiculous to blame it on other external factors when inside the decision is already made.

In more traditional cultured societies, the burden of dressing appropriately is most often on the ladies. (I am not talking about dressing appropriately for occasions as this applies to both sexes: i.e. a guy is not suppose to rock up in t-shirt and shorts to a formal working event)  Ladies are told to always protect their bodies, try not to show too much skin, not too short etc etc. Imagine the thought process in her head while selecting what to wear, every article of clothing must provide some form of “defense”.

For this piece, I am depicting a girl who is burdened by the decision of what to wear, and in her mind her everyday clothes are like armor and weapons. The mismatched undies hints at a more casual day-to-day  occasion, and this is more of a daily dilemma something she often faces. I used a more pastel selection of colours to create a softer feel, while at the same time contrast the “hardness” with weapons and armor.

Well, I also started off with a NSFW version, but in the end I thought the undies told a better story. look at both and let me know what you think!

sexy pose

NSFW version

sexy pose NSFW

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