White Bone Spirit

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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, oil painting, portrait

This is my take on a traditional Chinese Yaoguai, the White Bone Spirit (Bai Gu Jing). Most well know for her appearance in the Journey to the West stories. With abilities to shape shift, this spirit often takes on guises of innocent or attractive characters to trick victims, often for her later consumption. Had some issues with composition at first but adjusted it so that the main subject occupies the center mass and coiled the snake horizontally (Or rather magically) so it does not distract into the robe and pose. Was initially going to go with horns but decided against it and went with a halo instead for a better contrast. As the eye pans down from her innocent face, her true nature starts to manifest as represented by her increasingly grotesque appearance from top to bottom. hope you enjoy it till next time!

white bone spirit

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