Black Widow: US

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airbrush, Digital painting, oil painting, Photo manipulation, portrait

I usually don’t paint so much, but with exams coming the more stressed I get the more i paint. Anyhow, this is my first time experimenting with a square shaped canvas. trying to do more of a pop piece. Really cannot decide on 2 versions so I will be posting both.

Version 1: this is the American version with a smooth leather finish to the uniform and the famous old school comic strip featuring popular American superheroes.


Version 2: this is the Russian version, which I feel is more Natasha Romanoff, with a criscross textured uniform and featuring mainly red and black comic book covers for black widow.

black widow real

black widow 2

One feels more “pop-ish”, while the other feels “stronger”. Really cannot make up my mind here. Anyway, till next time!

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