Mara & Admiral Thrawn

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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, oil painting, Photo manipulation

I loved the new star wars movie, but in my opinion would be better if they included both these kick ass characters:  Mara Jade and Admiral Thrawn. I don’t think they ever fought along side together, but this is just an illustration which I enjoyed painting. Last post for the this year. lets see, according to the stats I have had 1,700 views on my site, slight improvement from last year and my biggest fan base seem to be from the US, an insight I did not know. Also, I am very glad to announce that the number 1 search term to my site is no longer “Adrian Tan Nude”!! Ok, top 3 search terms (in descending order):

  1. Misa Hayase
  2. Miss Captain America
  3. mechwarrior cougar

Well, hope you all enjoyed all the art. lemme know what you guys like best or what would u all like to see more of? Till then Happy New Year! U betcha there will be more kickass art coming your way! mara jade

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