Zombie Heroes

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airbrush, Digital painting, fantasy, Photo manipulation

This zombie theme artwork was suppose to done by Halloween but i took a bit too long. This time around I am trying to integrate a few more characters into my artwork, learning the compositions, painting less details to get the idea across, and experimenting with a dim blue highlight.

this idea actually developed from my sketch book, and I decided to bring it to life. I will share some of the sketches as well. One lesson I learned during the making of this piece was to just keep carrying on. at certain stages of the art work I almost gave up and trashed the piece, but somehow I just kept working on it, kept adjusting it, shifting things around….just making it work. I am glad that this is digital, because traditional media is not as forgiving. it takes more planning, more visualizing and a tight sketch before starting and sometimes you make one mistake and you really have to trash the work. no joke!

I recommending flipping your work horizontally time and time again as it will immediately force you to look at the artwork at a different perspective. Also, allow yourself to make mistakes as sometimes you will never know where that would lead. for example I embraced 2 of my mistakes here and incorporated into the final piece.

  1. the wires initially started off as an unintentional stroke, but before deleting off the stroke I tried adding more and to my surprise it added to the story telling. so I kept it.
  2. the Moonlight glare was also unintentional. started with a missed dot on the top left. and that gave me an idea so I decided to add the glare on the top right.

so there you have it. for those following I apologise for the slow progress am going to be really busy with work and studies these few months, and I am trying to improve my skills by incorporating other skills and adding different elements,also try to understand that behind every work that I put up, sometimes I have to go through a few trashed version. ok enough talk, I am sharing the sketchbook ideas and the final work here. hope you enjoy it! till next time.zombie heroes


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