Angus Macgyver

airbrush, Digital painting, portrait

This piece is just a simple portrait of a certain hero of the 80s, most notable for single-handedly selling most of the swiss army knives during the 1980-1990 period.  I’m playing with some double exposure to have a bit of story telling effect. Showing his many adventures around the world and his genius with gadgets and such.

I also experimented with a few new brushes rather than the traditional air brush to kinda give it a more sharper and contrasted look. While doing this piece, I must admit I couldn’t resist clicking into some of the old videos on you tube and ended up watching my fair share of Macgyver episodes. Most of them were pretty corny, and I must say we were an easily satisfied bunch back then, expectations for action and violence were low, who cares about plot holes. LOL but I must say one thing tho….. each time the theme comes on…… man! you can’t help but feel excited.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did! (click on the below for a larger resolution.) macguyver

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2 thoughts on “Angus Macgyver”

  1. This is just marvellous, Adrian – you’ve totally captured him! A really beautiful painting and I love the various touches you’ve made to it.


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