Isreal the Monkey King

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airbrush, Digital painting, Photo manipulation

this is a recreation of an original photo pic of New Zelander kick boxer Israel Adesanya as per the below: 10712808_10152760049963374_8115113711171487775_n

to my interpretation of it and hopefully it was more of an upgrade than the original, as I think this “upgrade” is very much suitable to his playful and unorthodox way of fighting, and his showmanship and playfulness in the ring which is very much similar to the monkey king.

the Chinese wordings is just the self given nick name of the monkey king, which translates to “The Great Sage whom is Equal to Heaven” much like Israel’s nickname “The Style Bender”. I think its just the difference in era/culture and how we say things, but in my opinion they both kinda mean the same thing. LOL

Ok enough talk. on to the picture! Enjoy! (clickable to full size, shows more detail etc)

isreal saturate

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