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Have been sketching a lot these past few weeks, so apologies if I have not been posting any new artwork yet. I am having a lot of fun sketching and also thumbnail designing, which I will post up in due time.

This round I wanted to share a quick anatomy guide for male characters which I usually use. This is especially useful for those still starting out. you can refer to the below picture to help you along the way based on the characters you want to create.


usually for someone weak, whimpy or elderly I will use the 7 head tall x 2 head wide model. Usually for the main character I like to use the 8 head tall x 2 1/3 head wide model and finally for someone that is totally epic and heroic I use the 9 head model.

a few quick tips:

1) the crotch area usually measures the mid point. for example if you are using an 8 head model, the crotch area should be at the end of box no 4.

2) length from Hip to knee, and knee to feet are of the same length.

3) your elbow will be at the last rib of your ribcage or thereabouts, and hands end at slightly below or at the crotch area.

4) for the 7 and 8 head models, nipples are exactly at the end of box no 2.

well, I hope this was helpful for y’all! happy sketching.

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