Miss Captain America

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airbrush, Digital painting, Photo manipulation

ohkay….this new project took a lot of work. I think I actually spent more time on the bike itself than the character. This would be my first attempt in painting a bike and for this I used the “19 marker pen” which is the 19 pixel Airbrush Pen Opacity flow with the spacing option adjusted to “0”.

the reason behind this is because metal surfaces are generally shiny, and have very high contrast values, in this case highlights are very strong and shadows are very bold. the “19 marker pen” is a very highly recommended tool to get the job done. so when painting metal, be sure to check it out.

the approach I used to finish this job was also a new one for me. usually I have a very rough draft and I keep sculpting on it until have a final result. However for this case, because the bike is a very precise subject, I had to work on it section by section, reference it back and forth, and the key to this is to pace yourself and have realistic expectations.

What I did was to find a playlist on you tube, about 1 hour long, and used that time slot to just zoom in on a portion of a bike and just complete that portion. sometimes it could be say 20% of a bike, sometimes it would only be a few items like mud fender, suspension and brake discs. it depends on the complexity of the part. so like I said have realistic expectations.

well, it was a good learning experience, and I would say this would be final pending some adjustment on the face which I didn’t quite spend enough time on but just too lazy to error check at the moment.

enough talk. enjoy! (do click on the pic for a better resolution):

female cap blog

and a close up (Miss Captain America referenced off Hayley Atwell, Steve Roger’s love interest in the first movie):

female cap close up blog

this is also part of a female avengers project which I am working on. check out the other one in the series: https://adriantanbrushforhire.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/iron-pepper/

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