King James

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airbrush, Digital painting, oil painting, Photo manipulation

This latest piece is a study into darker skin tones and using photo manipulation to apply the tattoos as well as the texture for the artwork.

also I was somewhat inspired by how Lebron led the Miami Heats into the 2014 NBA finals with unselfish plays and how the team eventually dealt with their subsequent defeat. Pure class and sportsmanship.

tattoos were applied first using the transform tool (ctrl-t) and using the warp option to make it fit and curve accordingly to the applied surface and the layer modes used were mostly : multiply or overlay. how did I know which ones to use? well it was a matter of trail and error.

oil painting texture was lifted off the internet applied with soft light, also from trail and error.


so what can I say? just keep trying and keep practicing.

lebron blog

Hope you all enjoyed it.


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