Ser Tony from the North

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airbrush, Digital painting, oil painting, Photo manipulation

Once again, another piece inspired by 2 of my favorite topics at the moment. Game of Thrones and a certain Mr. Stark. Ok, without spoiling the story so much, this piece is depicting another Stark family member, who’s probably a genius smith in his time who manage to redeem the Stark family name again by building a suit of armor that is capable of slaying dragons.

the composition for this piece also borrows heavily from St George the dragon slayer as below:



so from my previous character study I had this:

tony stark from the north 004

and then for the back ground I designed this:

stain glass

remember I said its always good to have a full body character study? well one of the main reason is because you can easily tweak it to be like this:

tony from the north dragon slayer

I wanted to make the character and dragon as realistic as possible to contrast against the 2D title and the stain glass, but alas this is as far as my skills can bring me for now. hopefully when my skills improve in the future I can realise this vision. but every piece no matter big or small I am learning. this time around I picked up a great tip from one of my favourite artist: Dan Luvisi, check out his work here:

Painting blood:

1) use the brush tool, select the chalk brush

2) create new layer, set layer to multiply, set brush mode to multiply

3) choose a bright red colour.

4) paint on the blood, it will have an effect like its thicker than water and it layers realisticly upon each stroke.

Try it out! till the next one enjoy!

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