night at the taipei food stalls (final)

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airbrush, Digital painting, Photo manipulation

As a follow up to my previous post, this project is now finalised. To recap, I went with the below composition:

fun at food stalls 002


and the clean up of the lines for the main character as per the below:

fun at food stalls outline

for this project I am also experimenting with a different style, more heavy outlines and comic like feel. Digital painting has opened up so many options for me right now, and I am just playing with the many different options right now, and you could say I’m kinda finding my style, although I tend to favor the airbrush a lot.

finally, for the final piece:

fun at food stalls final

To be honest, the taiwan night markets don’t really look like the picture, this is more an imagined piece based on my visit there, and I totally took liberties with the composition to make the storytelling work. let me know what you all think about this style. Till the next one!


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