Emma Stone: a portrait study

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airbrush, Digital painting

Here is another recent work, it’s basically a portrait study. And I’d like to take a moment to discuss the benefits of a portrait study.

What is a portrait study? Basically, you choose a picture you like and you try to replicate it as close as possible to the original. When you think about it, it’s essentially a “copy and paste” or “transferring pixels” job.

A lot of people feel that artwork like that lacks originality, And I do agree with the statement to a certain extent, but there are benefits in doing so too.

For one, while manually copying an image, you tend to observe a lot, when you do it once you just observe enough to get the job done. But when you repeatedly do portrait studies you tend to figure out these so called guidelines to help you along the way. Like the measurement for the spacing of the eyes, placement of the nose and mouth etc. This will tremendously help out with you free hand drawing in the future when you have no references. This is when your accumulated experience of measurement and spacing will be helpful.

Also, one of the most important thing in any picture is color. Proper control of color will make your picture pop, and the correct lighting will make your picture seem more 3d. What I usually do is to paint in the dark and light values first, blend in the midtones, then accent the highlights. Finally, when I refine the picture I paint in the drop shadows to make the picture pop. Like I said you do it enough times you figure out a work flow that is best suited to you, which will make you paint more efficiently.

Finally, I believe to finish anything at all, (be it a study or artwork or project) seeing it to the very end is no easy task. Sometimes you spend too long on a particular project and you develop burn (hence thats why developing efficiency will reduce the time spent on every project.) It’s always very attractive to play with the concept of a new idea, looking forward to the next piece you want to work on. Its just human nature. However, if you stick to something to completion it develops grit.

and grit is what you need to put in that 10,000 hours in order to be good at anything at all. so this is me contributing my 10,000 hours.

the below is the original Revlon ad.


this is my study, extended and continued the arms so to make sure there is a bit of “my touch” to it and basically brightened and used a slightly green tinted colour palette. hope you all like it.

emma stone rev low res


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