night at the taipei food stalls (draft and composition)

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Its been a while since I’ve posted, as I have been quite busy with night school and work actually. Anyway, I usually have a few art projects going on at a same time as that’s usually the case for anyone who paints and draws regularly.

Main reason for it is to firstly, reduce burn (as in getting too burnt out from working the same piece day in and day out) even though you really like that project, and secondly to encourage you to look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes when you revisit it again. (again working on the same project day in and day out will make you develop tunnel vision.)

ok, sharing here a quick initial draft and composition for another project of mine inspired by a night out at the taipei food stalls during one of my trips.

usually I see the idea in my head, but to get a final composition, I usually need to fine tune and compare a few versions.

first version I wanted to viewers eyeline to be drawn to the hands, and realise that the couple is smiling at them kinda inviting them to share in on the moment.

fun at food stalls 001

version 2: I then changed my mind to have the guy be more into the moment to capture the romantic feel. decided that the sky was too busy so I changed it to a dramatic moon.

fun at food stalls

version 3: adjusted the scale of the sky to character ratio to have more sky space. and with the smaller scale I can now draw in the hand for the male subject which gives the composition a bit more inclusion. added another row of stalls on the left too. Right now am feeling tempted to curve the shops at the left a bit more inwards to have a more dramatic perspective. but I think I am generally quite happy with the direction and will make the adjustments during the painting stage. now to continue fleshing out the details.

fun at food stalls 002

stay tune for more updates.


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