The Asian Khalessi

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airbrush, Digital painting, oil painting, Photo manipulation

This new work goes without saying is heavily influenced by the tv series game of thrones. If you don’t know about it….all I can say is where we’re you the past 2 years?!?

For this piece I used my first ever model – May Ong from college. Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with her and don’t know how to get in touch with her after we went to Uni. If anyone can help just let me know, would be good to be able to say thanks. Anyhow, glad some of the reference pictures still come in handy.

Reference picture :


From there I came up with a rough render of my idea:


To be honest I didn’t know how to progress from here, could have been a sorceress, a sexy geisha, and then I thought about how I introduced my sis to the game of thrones last Dec and I got to work, also just to note, my version of the dragons are the Asian kind, long serpent like bodies with no wings. And so I thought to myself, how the hell do they fly with no wings?!? And I theorized they are more like geckos, they cling on to surfaces, and jump from surface to surface, that’s why they seem to be able to fly. Ok enough talk. Here I give u 2 version of the Asian Khalessi the princess version:


And the ascension version:


For me the most challenging part was to design all the jewelry. And also to paint gold. I think I didn’t quite capture it well. I guess I would need more study into it tho.

Like they say to be good you need to invest 10,000 hours into something. And for me I’d say I barely am into the first 1,000 hour having pick up Photoshop and digital drawing only the past 2 years or so. Still need to put in more time.

Hope you all enjoyed it. And check back soon for more work! Till next time.

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