Iron Pepper

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airbrush, Digital painting

I actually finished this character concept last year, just thought I revisited it and tinkered  with it for a bit of fun. So this is the original character concept.

iron pepper iron pepper close up

usually I like to draw everything and therefore it kinda looks a bit flat as I want everything to be visible. but in real life, there is always the darkest darks and brightest bright to create a somewhat 3D effect. I admit I sometimes feel a bit reluctant to add in these “darkest dark and brightest bright as it means taking away all the hard drawn details like so:

iron pepper mk 2

just for the sake of it I designed a helmet too :

iron pepper helmet

then finally, another fun idea you can play with for your character is to change the background and add some text to make it a meme:

iron pepper bitch please

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