Painting on the iPad

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airbrush, Digital painting, Photo manipulation

I was recently introduced to this painting app for the iPad called : procreate which retails for about USD 5.99 or USD 6.99 (I can’t really remember now)

Firstly, if you have been using or are familiar with Photoshop, the interface should be quite intuitive . Just a quick tip: the undo button looks like < and is located on the vertical panel on your right. I had trouble finding that one.

So I started off with a simple sketch, using the pen tool, erase button and the undo button.


The pen flow works great and the only issue I had sketching was that joining strokes where you left off was a slight hassle but since it was a rough sketch I didn’t mind the broken lines. After the sketch a quick render with large size air brush to block in the image. Very impressed so far works exactly like Photoshop.


I had no ideas for this piece, so I continued on before something pops into mind.


Nude done! Next problem was that I can’t share this pic on Facebook, so I decide to give her some clothes. Was thinking of a cheerleader or a race queen so the below resulted.


But then I still found it slightly empty. So decided to let my imagination run wild.



Finally, tried to push the app a bit more by doing some photo manipulation for the final result. Super impressed and really worth my money I’d say.



Pros: Friendly user interface if u are familiar with Photoshop. Can paint in bed, on the sofa, waiting in the car, or riding the train. Don’t have to worry about not being able to paint during holidays. Just pack the iPad. Has the essential basic tools, layer modes, textures and brushes to create your painting. (Which I believe is more than enough)

Cons: only allows 7 layers which makes work planning essential. App sometimes crashes when applying your changes but have great reliability auto saving to your last point immediately before the crash.

Highly recommended so do check it out!

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