Zombie Apocolypse: Hell on Earth

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airbrush, Photo manipulation

Ok another fun piece. this time a make believe movie poster. Amongst the many tools that was used to create this poster, the main lesson here was to learn how to adjust the skin tones and lighting tones for 3 different character. and as well as using the “render different clouds” effect to create the foggy atmosphere.

Finally, a good tip for people looking to desaturate the back ground and bringing the characters to the front, here is what you do:

1) create a black and white version of your final picture. layer it right on top of everything.

2) bring the opacity down to say 40%

3) use your eraser start erasing off the black and white tint for the main characters. and there you have it your main characters will pop in front of the poster.

Hell on Earth movie

clean version

Hell on  Earth

My source pictures, was a real challenge bringing out the colours and salvaging the lightings. tedious, but it was a good experience overall.


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