Overview to a character study

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Sharing a simple character study which hopefully will lead to a few compositions in the future. With the power of photoshop this has been more than easy as compared to traditional media as it immediately saves time on one thing: duplication. (as highlighted below.)


Usually, I would have an idea in my head. like for example I was wondering about a medieval or steam punk iron man suit. So immediately I fire up photoshop and do a really quick sketch. it really doesn’t matter how it looks like but it should roughly capture the idea in your head. like writing down your idea in 2-5 words.

tony stark from the north draft sketch


As you can see there are not much details and the perspective and proportions are off. But its ok. Just think of the above as point form notes. Working from there,  you correct the errors and flesh out a few more details. I was still unsure which direction I wanted to take this so I refined it to just a basic body for now which will leave me the flexibility to add more details as I go along.

tony stark from the north final sketch


Once you are satisfied with the sketch you can quickly block in the colours to give it a better feel. I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go (steam punk or medieval) so instead of wasting time, I move forward by adding colours and hopefully have some direction later on. As you can see the brush strokes are broad and quick, leave the refinements for later.

tony stark from the north 001 tony stark from the north 002


Finished the render and changed the background colour to help spot errors or to help play with colour composition. I also painted each of the helmet parts separately so that my options are open for future compositions. although some compositions may not require the whole body, but I like to have a full character (top to toe) just for reference. I also tweaked the angle of the model slightly to create a dramatic perspective.

tony stark from the north 002a

no helmet

tony stark from the north 003

helmet without face plate

tony stark from the north 004

full helmet version

tony stark from the north 005

quickly took a tony head from the net and render it in for no helmet option.

tony stark from the north 006

quick render of medieval armor which can be fine tuned later on

So there you have it a quick simple character that you can use in future compositions. stay tuned and I will touch on character composition as a follow up on this later on.

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