Risa (by Shunya Yamashita)

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anime figures, Scale model

If you guys don’t already know, Shuya Yamasita is a very popular Japanese anime artist. so do not forget to check him out:


this resin kit was built based on his artwork:


you can buy the unpainted and untreated resin kit or the professionally painted kit here (which I highly recommend):


well, I bought the unpainted and untreated version, assembled it and spray painted it. I changed the colour scheme a bit, but in hindsight I should have followed as per the original picture it has a more fantasy look. anyway too late now.

here she is with super short shorts:

P1010084 P1010079 P1010080 P1010082 P1010083 P1010085

good news everybody, her short shorts are held together by magnets and can be removed:

P1010096  P1010101 P1010102 P1010103  P1010087 P1010086

and for those who stayed with me all the way:

P1010094 P1010092 P1010093


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