1/60 Mechwarrior Madcat (joyride)

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Mecha, Scale model

Well, since my very first test post (gosh back in 2009) was of a Madcat, I may as well finish my post by presenting my repainted version of the joyride Madcat/Timberwolf in its entire glory.

I didn’t do much, just filled up the seam lines, repainted a new colour scheme and added custome decals and added weathering effect. this was done and completed back in 2009 I believe.

link to another joyride madcat repaint done in 2016:


so here is a picture of a joyride Madcat/Timberwolf in original packaging:


and this is after my repaint job:

P1000541 P1000536 P1000538 P1000542 P1000539 P1000540 P1000535 P1000222 P1000221 P1000217P1000543

finally for some fun, the Madcat on patrol :

mad cat 001

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